VivaQuity® Contrast Test Card

VivaQuity® Contrast Test Card

The VivaQuity contrast card was conceived to enable eyecare professionals (ECPs) to quickly assess their patients contrast sensitivity, and monitor changes.

The aim has been to create a simple test which is quick and easy to perform, at the same time employing sound visual science.

Key principles of the contrast card test

The test employs simple shapes (triangle, square, cross, heart and circle).  Shape recognition is generally accepted as being less susceptible to error than letters or numbers and is generally retained in the presence of cognitive decline.  In addition, the overall size is more consistent compared with other optotypes.  By employing a dotted outline, and an overall size of 9mm, a spatial frequency of around 5 cpd is presented when viewed at 35cm, which is within the range of maximum sensitivity (scotopic).

The contrast card was developed in optometric practice by optometrist Graham O’Regan BSc FSMC FCOptom