The VivaQuity® AMD risk calculator

Tool for the comfortable and evidence-based analysis of the risk of developing AMD.

The VivaQuity® AMD risk calculator is a unique and innovative program for the efficient management of AMD risk. The online-based program enables the consolidation of the ocular findings and lifestyle factors to create a personalised management plan to minimise the risk of onset and progression of AMD.  An individual risk factor index is generated, calculated in percent and displayed graphically. This easily understood  graphic portrays the individual risk of developing a visual impairment through AMD in the future. At the same time, the program provides a list of the factors that can be individually modified and a realistic  insight into how the management plan could reduce an individual’s risk of visual loss.

How is the program used?

By acquiring a license with an unlimited number of calculations.

The result appears in form of easily understood graphs: the current risk progression into the future alongside the reduced risk attainable by following the advice provided.

Subsequent to the evaluation, the results should be printed out in order to save the assessment for future analyses and follow-ups as the data will not be saved (data protection) and will be lost once a new calcuation is being started or the access is being cancelled.

Why do you need a special calculator?

Because of 612,220,032,000,000 possible combinations!

In an ideal world, it would be possible to explore all possible scenarios in regards to the AMD risk: e.g. The risk of a smoker, of someone being overweight or someone who has increased blood pressure, the risks of a good and poor diet and all the possible combinations of these factors. It is well known that many studies have already been carried out and research in this field is continuing intensively. However, given the many proven and accepted risk factors, it would be impossible to explore all possible combinations.

The number of all possible combinations of currently detected and assumed risk factors and their respective statistical weighting, which can currently considered in the SightRisk-AMD calculator, is 612,220,032,000,000 (I.e., greater than 612 x 10 12).

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