Floater intervention with Vitrocap®N

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The VitroCap®N sample pack

The sample pack available for eye care professionals includes:

  • 18 VitroCap N sample boxes (vegan)
  • ca. 40+/-10 VitroCap N patient brochures
  • 1 VitroCap N brochure holder “Never lose sight…”
  • 1 A4 information for eye care professionals “Observational study…”
  • 1 A4 information for eye care professionals “Flies study proves reduction…”
  • 1 Amsler Grid/Contrast test card
  • 1 postcard “Vitreous Floater”

The Studies

The following papers demonstrate high success rates in the study groups. The largest observational study to confirm this had 463 subjects. Read the studies and information for eye health professionals below. 

An observational study with 463 subjects confirms a high success rate.

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